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Dig-IN: Gastronauts delight in Sunday festival



With a blistering summer behind us, and an equally brutal week still to come, the weather gods must have been feeling kindly this weekend when they bestowed an almost perfect day on the Moto GP and our favorite food event, Dig-IN, held at White River State Park.

Eighty degrees, sunny and dry was the order of the day as five thousand hungry gastronauts strolled the grassy thoroughfares of this, the second iteration in what looks set to become an institution on the culinary calendar.

With thirty restaurants and an equal number of wineries and breweries displaying their wares, there was plenty to eat and drink. Another couple of dozen artisan vendors rounded things out, offering a vast array of gustatory delights, from maple syrup to bread to lamb and everything in between.

With the attendance as vast as it was, there were naturally some long lines. Longest of all was for Aaron Butts of Joseph Decuis, an Indiana destination restaurant that food lovers should visit at least once. Almost as long was the wait for Tallent’s restaurant from Bloomington, but there seemed to be few, if any complaints about any delays. Lines moved smoothly as hungry punters enjoyed the beautiful day.

Surprisingly, the shortest waits of all were for the beer and wine tents, which is no reflection at all on the generally high quality of the various offerings. In all, a great event, and an excellent introduction to Indiana’s culinary delights.


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