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Patti Digh poses with copies of her first book, Life is a Verb
  • Patti Digh poses with copies of her first book, Life is a Verb

A few years ago, I followed a link from a blog I can no longer name and found my way to the world of Patti Digh. The author and public speaker maintains a blog called 37 Days, which she started after her stepfather was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died a short 37 days later. Digh writes her blog, in part, as a means of leaving something tangible and meaningful for her daughters, ever cognizant of time and how quickly it truly passes.

When Digh announced that she would be conducting a book tour, I half-shrugged, figuring I would be hoofing it to Chicago to hear her. But there it was. December 7. Indianapolis. The Barnes & Noble at 3748 East 82nd Street. Holy shit! She and I began to communicate every so often via Twitter and I succeeded at keeping my crazy tamped down as what I affectionately called Patti Digh Day approached. It was fun — and a little weird — to meet someone I’ve been reading for years, whose life and family I have electronically been introduced to. 37 Days leaves me feeling breathless, inspired, and renewed towards the art I create. It’s also where I was introduced to the work of a poet named Maya Stein, a woman of equally exquisite words.

37 Days is a good place to go to feel, to sink into an essay and discover a world outside yourself, to be reminded of the beauty that is all around us. Here’s a link to the essay that started it all for me, the story of a young woman named Meta who passed away after a car accident.

Digh read from her latest book, Creative is a Verb: If You’re Alive, You’re Creative, to a small crowd of women, including one reader who had come to Indy from Dayton, Ohio. The author continues on to Franklin, IN, today and then heads out of state for her next reading. I am thrilled to have heard her read, especially as I continue bringing art into my life more fully. I look forward to Digh’s next reading, red cowboy boots and all.



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