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District 3 Candidate: Ryan Vaughn, Republican


Ryan Vaughn
Republican candidate for District 3

1) What do you offer as a candidate?

I have served this community as the City Councillor for the past five years. During this time, we have made significant progress in my district and as a city. As a community, we have drastically improved the quality of the streets and sidewalks in district. Additionally, we have strategically invested in new economic development projects aimed at addressing community needs, such as the development of a mixed use parking facility in Broad Ripple. Also the incidents of crime have dropped every year I have been a Councillor. As the previous Chairman of the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee and as the current President of the Council I bring significant experience and a proven record of delivering on community needs.

2) What does your district most need from the City Council?

The community most needs a Mayor and Council dedicated to facilitating the community's vision. Over the past four years the Mayor has challenged neighborhoods organization and community organizations to develop and/or promote their vision for their communities. The process has led to significant improvements in the quality of life of our neighborhoods parks and infrastructure. That process, however, is just beginning and the community needs the consistent support and dedication to their vision.

3) What's your opinion of the 2012 budget proposed by the mayor?

The Mayor's proposed budget sustains public safety funding levels, sustains city support for the arts and incorporates all of the contemplated infrastructure improvements. The budget does not contemplate a tax increase and recognizes the need to spend within existing revenues in this tough economy. The Council will make amendments to the proposed budget as it does every year. I plan to support the budget as amended.

4) What is your position on a comprehensive smoking ban?

I support a smoking ban with exceptions for only tobacco specialty shops (defined as an establishment whose sale of tobacco constitute greater than 50% of all sales) and private clubs.

5) Do you think the city needs more police officers?

Yes and the budget contemplates hiring a new recruit class.

6) Do you support increased funding for public transit?

I support a public referendum on increased funding for mass transit.

7) Do you think the streets and sidewalks in your district are in good shape?

We have significantly improved many of the streets and sidewalks in our area. There are, however, many streets and sidewalks which still need attention. The monies generated from the transfer of the water and waste water company to Citizen's Energy Group should continue to be used to fund these improvements.

8) Name one project that would most benefit your district.

The community, through its envisioning process, has developed plans for the revitalization of the canal in Broad Ripple. I believe this project would be the most beneficial in terms of economic development, increased tax base and strengthening of our cultural identity.

9) What question do you wish we'd asked?

What is the state of your community compared to four years ago?


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