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Dojo "Punk Junk Garage Sale" Saturday



For Scott Kilcoyne Indianapolis hardcore is more than just a music scene; it’s a way of life. In addition to fronting local straight edge hardcore frontrunners Picked Clean, Kilcoyne has dedicated a decent portion of his time to helping operate The Dojo.

The midtown venue (located at 22nd and College ave) has grown immensely over the past year. Their schedule has erupted from three or four shows a month to a staggering three or four shows a week! This Saturday, however, The Dojo is booked not for an emo sing-a-long with Pessoa or an angry mosh pit with Chaotic Neutral, but for a swap meet and bake sale.

“The Punk Junk Garage Sale” noted Kilcoyne, “is a great way for people to dump things they no longer want or need and let other people possibly discover new music.”

While it is technically a garage sale, Kilcoyne wants to make sure that the nature of the event stays within the realm of music. “We invite anyone to bring whatever they want” he added “as long as it has something to do with music. People can bring their own bands merchandise if they’d like.”

THE DOJO: Move over Full Rainbow, cuz were havin a junk sale!
  • THE DOJO: Move over Full Rainbow, cuz we're havin' a junk sale!

Many devotees of underground punk and hardcore have developed their obsession with vinyl beyond mere collections and into the realm of “distros”. In the DIY music world, using fans as distribution cells is the smartest way for bands and small labels to disperse records across the country. It’s also a great way to avoid working with any distribution companies. “(We will have) quite a few people selling things from their personal collections as well as people bringing their distros and we also invited record stores to bring some inventory.”

“At the last (sale) we did,” mentioned Kilcoyne, “I found some incredible records from older guys selling their record collections. I'm hoping to come out with some awesome new records and finding some great old ones as well.”

The Punk Junk Garage Sale starts at Noon on Saturday the 13th and lasts “till whenever people stop showing up”. Local vegan advocacy group, Indy Vegans will be providing low-cost, vegan snacks for any hungry bargain hunters. It will be a great time to find some rare gems and rediscover old favorites or maybe just clear your mom’s basement of all the old ska crap you had before you were hardcore. Either way, it's going to be a good time.


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