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Don't Get Me Wrong...


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Heavy Gun Recordings tend to release individual songs and EP’s more often than full length albums. “Don’t Get Me Wrong” is one such example; it’s been floating around the local interwebs with no particular ties to a full scale project for more than a year. But now, says HGR, the song is the official first single from Jump Off The World, the forthcoming release from newly formed duo The NightRiders (comprised of local veteran emcees Bob G. Barker and Jam P. Astro).

The track displays typical Heavy Gun humor and swagger as the pair considers, and encourages, fraternization with girls who “know how to drop it”, despite unappealing facial characteristics. It’s brutal honesty presented in a joking fashion atop an irresistible beat.

Because… ugly people need lovin’, too.


The NightRiders
"Don't Get Me Wrong"


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