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Don't Miss: A Soundtrack to Occupy



Each week a local music lover highlights the picks you shouldn't miss in a feature ingeniously called Don't Miss. This week: NUVO's Digital Platforms Editor, Tristan Schmid, who makes music under the name Tiger Shark.

Discovering Public Enemy as a suburban 10-year-old changed my world: The ideas espoused in 'Fear of a Black Planet' (see slideshow) led me to rethink virtually everything I'd been taught at school, church - and, to my parents' dismay - home.

This questioning (some would say rebellious) nature continues today, as I find the Occupy movement and its encapsulation of frustration particularly fascinating - yet not surprising given the world's current state of financial, governmental and environmental despair and disrepair.

As one who gravitates toward those who question the current state of things in an effort to improve the future, I offer you five Don't Miss picks geared toward examining the world we live in and initiating socio-political change. Listen to the playlist "A Soundtrack to Occupy" in Spotify as you read about the picks in the slideshow below.

And if you're feeling especially bored at work, contribute your protest-music picks to the collaborative playlist "A Social Soundtrack to Occupy" (note: click the "Subscribe" button after you've signed in to add the playlist and add tracks to it.)


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