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Each week, NUVO speaks to a local music luminary about their favorite new music in a feature we call Don't Miss.

Sutiweyu Sandoval began his musical journey on the dance floor, studying the science of beats and breaks while earning his stripes as a b-boy. In 2009 Sandoval decided to focus his attention on music, both as a DJ and producer. Looking to his Central American heritage, Sandoval reinvented himself as K. Sabroso, developing a music style based on hip-hop breakbeats while incorporating textures from Latin American music traditions. K. Sabroso will be releasing his debut LP, Perfect Taste, on Spring Strut records this spring. Until then, check out his five top records.

Systema Solar - Self-Titled LP

"Colombia's style of music known as cumbia has never quite matched the global popularity of Cuba's Salsa or the Dominican Republic's twin threats of merengue and bachata. Though, the last few years have seen a massive resurgence in the popularity of this small country's most popular genre with a younger generation of musicians incorporating electronic influences into the sounds of a previous era. This album showed an amazing application of drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers to a style of music I used to think of as tame."

Telephunken - Antibalas LP

"Few artists have built a career out of the kinds of breakbeats that serve as fuel for myself and other dancers in the breaking community. Spain's Ernesto Sanchez has proven that he's one of those few. His unique style of production seamlessly integrates a variety of Latin and international influences with some of the most dynamic and funky percussion I've ever heard."

Palenke Soultribe - Oro LP

"This trio of musicians is my current favorite export from Colombia. This album displayed incredible tracks that drew from quite a few styles of traditional Colombian music translated into Electro dance floor destroyers. Four on the floor was explored to the fullest with songs in such styles as Minimal techno, deep house, and trance alongside the requisite electro/electro-house."

Elastic Bond - Excursion LP

"Delicacy is rewarded less in today's music market than perhaps any time previous. That's not to say that it goes unnoticed. Miami's Elastic Bond draws from a wealth of stylistic and pan-Latin influences with a noticeable emphasis on the sultry Spanish vocals of Sofy and the sophisticated production of keyboardist Andres (aka Dj Artiles). Funk, breaks, house, lounge, and much more work their way into this band's incredibly refined sound."

Lazy Flow - Konquistador EP

I'm not the biggest fan of Electro. Most of it seems designed to be abrasive for it's own sake. This release caused me to reconsider both opinions. This slim three song EP brought an indescribable amount of energy along with the kind of tropical flavor that appeals to me as both a dancer and a DJ."


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