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Down the drain

Clogs? Try a drain stick


EDITOR'S NOTE: All of Ask Renee's columns are moving to NUVO! Here's one from July of 2015.

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Do you have any suggestions for keeping bathtub drains flowing freely other than using the standard toxic drain cleaners? I hate to pour that stuff into the environment.



I scoured my brain for a good pun about fixing clogs, but wasn’t able to break anything free. I guess I’m just feeling drained today.

Here are three options:

Try a drain stick. It can be a little gross, but you just slide the stick down the drain and when you pull it out, it brings all the nasty drain blockers with it. No chemicals; buy it once and use it forever.

A home remedy for slow drains is to pour ¼ cup of baking soda mixed with ½ cup of white vinegar down the drain followed by boiling water.

There are a few enzymatic drain cleaners available. A brand I trust for all of their products makes one called homesolv.

Piece out,


(NOTE: This missive appeared in the July 22, 2015 issue of NUVO.)


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