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'Dream Vision' paintings by John Muylle

When: Fri., April 6 2012

"These paintings were created in much the same way that our dreams are created when we go to sleep at night. They are singular images comprised of a collage of memories, desires, emotions and metaphor. The process that Muylle has taken to create these paintings is somewhat similar to the process in which one's mind creates a dream. He starts by coating the canvas in an abstract expressionist manner, with washes of color and organic patterns. He then allows his mind to react to these vague emotional starting points as he layers in more architectural and familiar elements. With each additional layer, Muylle is problem-solving his way to a finished painting. Using text and specific imagery as his final elements, the "dream" becomes complete. "The point is never to have a specific intended meaning, but to let the viewer interpret the 'dreams' using their own memories and emotional reactions to complete the pieces." Muylle likes the element of ambiguity because it inspires discussion and debate between viewers, which can bring out a deeper, more personal meaning. Muylle's paintings provoke perplexity, nostalgia, and unity we feel when we dream."

Price: Free.

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