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Eastern Blok at The Melody Inn - tonight!




The Melody Inn prides itself on one of the most eclectic schedules in the city. At no other bar in Indianapolis can one find bluegrass, punk rock, hip hop, and electronica all in the same week. Tonight, The Mel extends its already-diverse musical offerings with a rare twist on instrumental music.

Minor 7th Magazine describes Eastern Blok as an “extraordinary pan-cultural ensemble [that] effortlessly blends classical and jazz music with the rich folkloric traditions of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Serbia.”

The band is fronted by brilliant classical guitarist Goran Ivanovic who is joined by Doug Rosenberg on woodwinds, Matthew Ulery on upright bass, and Michael Caskey on percussion.

Preview Eastern Blok's music here; specifically, "Seven Boats" and "Blacksmith's Dance".


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