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Eat Something Fest @ The Hoosier Dome



Sure, the real Hoosier Dome was demolished up a few years ago but its ghost is haunting the outskirts of Fountain Square. At 1627 Prospect Street, just off of the main drag in Fountain Square, across the street from the empty shell that was once Sam’s Saloon, lies a humble little store front with a tired old sign that reads “Tobacco 4 Less”. If you venture inside, however, don’t expect to find any Swisher Sweets; it’s The Hoosier Dome.

Without a sign, it’s easy for the all-ages venue to get lost in the sea of nothingness that surrounds Fountain Square, The Hoosier Dome is worth checking out. With a capacity nearing 200, the venue is a perfect middle-ground for shows too big for The Dojo but not big enough to fill the seemingly cavernous halls of E.S. Jungle or The Earth House.

  • THE HOOSIER DOME: Good times

The Hoosier Dome has hosted a few high-profile shows, including Lemuria, but the obscure location has kept the venue a mystery to most of the city’s music fans. This Friday, the venue is hosting Eat Something Fest, a celebration of vegan foods and the punks that eat them.

Headlining the food pitch-in punk fest is gloomy, gritty Midwest punk trio Like Bats. Now in their third configuration, the band is returning to Indianapolis for the first time with the new lineup. The only original member is founder Mike Duda, who could not be reached for comment at press time. But even with the new lineup, Duda

Also playing are Cincinnati Charlie Brown-core punks You Blockhead! along with Occult Detective Club, Boilerman, The Late Ones and local punks Giant Giant Robot.

If you’ve never tried vegan food or never been out to the Hoosier Dome then you should not miss Eat Something Fest. Bring your appetite and bring your earplugs because Friday is going to be a wild and delicious night.

MIKE DUDA: The original Like Batstard.
  • MIKE DUDA: The original Like Batstard.

Music starts at 7PM sharp.
$10 (or $7 if you bring a dish)


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