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EclecticPond: A Comedy of Errors


Irvington Lodge
  • Irvington Lodge

Mistaken identity is the order of the evening in this collaboration between Q Artistry artistic director Ben Asaykwee and EclecticPond Theater Company. Asaykwee directs a delightful ensemble of a dozen actors, who spring from the audience to people the bawdy comedy.

Energy courses through the space as actors surround viewers. The players make no effort to hide the means of production, which are often nothing more than their own bodies and the imaginations of everyone in the room.

Asaykwee's clever concepts define the production. He asks players to create scenic elements using only their bodies. And anyone or thing can be plucked from an imaginary "magic trunk." In doing so, he elicits audience buy-in simply by letting his actors create and have fun.

Another key concept is the gender blind casting of leading roles. This choice could change the meaning of certain moments, but the production proves that it really doesn't matter if a man or woman plays a certain part for it to be funny.


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