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Eliot Lipp heads south to Forecastle


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NUVO: You have played numerous festivals as well as clubs. What are your favorite shows to play?

Lipp: I like playing in clubs better because you can absorb the energy of the room a little better. Festivals are awesome but for me there is sort of a disconnect when you are that far away from the crowd or the crowd is so big. It's a totally different energy. It's just as exciting but it's harder for me to really harness the vibe of a festival rather than a small club.

NUVO: When you are DJing a set, do you have the tracks picked out prior or do you live mix?

Lipp: I always do it live. I usually have a rough idea. There are always a handful of my new songs that I am excited about playing live that I will play every night. But aside from those I usually just keep a ton of my songs in the queue ready to play whatever.

NUVO: How did you get involved with Pretty Lights Music?

Lipp: I met Derek in Colorado years ago when he was first starting out with the Pretty Lights project. We became friends through both loving to sample old records. We bonded over the analog synths and samples and have always had an appreciation with each other's music so getting with the label was a no brainer.

NUVO: Has joining Pretty Lights Music impacted your career?

Lipp: Well there's definitely a lot new fans that are fans of his music that are finding out about me who may not have known otherwise, so that's good.

NUVO: You've made a variety of music from hip-hop beats to drum and bass to electronic. What are you going for these days?

Lipp: I don't really think so much about the genre. I always start from sampling from old records. I will get a loop going then I will think what direction can I take this in to give it a new element. So sometimes it's house, sometimes it's hip-hop, sometimes it's trap; just whatever direction I feel like I can take it in to give it more of my vibe.

NUVO: What do you like about trap?

Lipp: Before there was a genre of electronic music called trap, it was hip-hop and that's always a lot of high hats and 808s, like the Dirty South stuff. I think that's what the EDM producers are borrowing from the most, the way they do their high hats and shit. I think for what the electro producers are calling trap, it's a lot of buildups and drops very similar to dubstep but without the real crunchy bro'd out baseline and huge snare drums. I think it's also defined by the fact that its got more of a base in rap music than it does dance music.

NUVO: You have been referred to as an electronic music pioneer because you have been in the scene for years. What is your take on the growing electronic music scene?

Lipp: I think it's cool to see it gaining momentum like that and getting more into the mainstream. It's interesting to me because it was always so underground but yeah we will see where it goes.

NUVO: What was the inspiration for your album artwork for "Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake?"

Lipp: My friend Daniel who did the cover was doing T-shirt designs for a skate company and so he had all these wacky drawings like that one laying around his apartment and I saw that one and I was like that's mine! I was like did you sell that one yet and he said no and I was like I'm buying it! It fit with what I was going for. I had a loose concept for the record and then when I saw that I was like that's what I want my album to be about. I loved the image.

NUVO: So how do you relate that to your music?

Lipp: It's kind of like aggressive but at the same time it's cute and cartoony. And that's what I was thinking about the tracks. They're definitely heavier than any of my releases in the past. And they were just sort of grimier. To me, it fit well especially the fact that is a cartoon because it wasn't taking itself too seriously being like this is some scary shark attack. So I don't know, to me it just clicked.

NUVO: What advice would you give to an upcoming producer?

Lipp: I would say to focus on playing out and getting your music out there in the real world. People put a lot of effort into their social media and web presence, which is important, but I think for me one of the ways I was really able to build my career was I have been constantly touring for like 10 years. I think that's the best way to get your music heard by people - book some shows and go on tour.

NUVO: What is your future plans for your music?

Lipp: I am going to release another album coming up. I am just wrapping it up right now so I'm excited for that. I also have a drummer and guitar player that I am going to do some shows with. We are playing together in Chicago at the end of August and then throughout the fall we will be doing some runs together.


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