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We've only had the Best Local Vocalist category for two years, but we're not surprised that the singer of an awesome local cover band named the win this year. Think about it: when you're singing in a cover band like Jambox's Eric Rozens, you've got to emulate the legendary voices that your crowd has heard a zillion times on the radio – but still make it your own. Rozens is rock-solid, plus he's full of wisdom on the best places to take the stage and grab brews after big shows.

What's Indy's best local restaurant?

St. Elmo's

How about best local band (besides yours)?

Endless Summer Band

What's the best song to cover live?

Anything Rush

And your pick for best venue to perform at?

Touchdown Town — Lucas Oil Stadium

How about the best place to get beers after the show?


And then the best place to get breakfast the morning after a big show?


What's your pick for best local album of the year?

Russ Baum & Huck Finn - Fricke


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