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Famous in Broad Ripple




My father, John Sherman, and I, both writers, have a running joke about the places where we are famous. The tongue-in-cheek approach to literary renown comes from headlining poetry readings in smaller cities, like Tipton, as well as atypical venues for spoken word, like Starbucks, as though we can now check off one more locale our way to world dominance.

(I have an active imagination.)

In pursuit of eventual, need-a-bodyguard celebrity, I checked out the Famous Writers Club last Friday. The group and a rotating roster of participants generally meet on a biweekly basis at the Writers' Center of Indiana (812 E. 67th Street) and welcome anyone who wants to share and discuss their prose and/or poetry, and engage in writing exercises. I met with two other women — Beth Mink, a poet, and Judy Miller, a freelance journalist — who shared information about networking opportunities for creative types, such as Linking Indy Women. Linking meets on a monthly basis. Though the next meeting is not yet scheduled, it should take place near the end of September.

In addition to professional leads, I was happy to have plenty of time to talk with the other writers, who meet from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Despite arriving almost an hour late (with permission to do so), the remaining hours offered the chance to hear everyone’s work, offer feedback, and then flip through a book of writing prompts for some freewriting exercises. The first, a look at how we learned to drive, brought back fun memories of sloooowly driving my family’s Aspen station wagon across the spare parking lot at Glendale Mall, my prized yellow learner’s permit in the glove compartment. The second prompt had us examining how we truly saw ourselves, a subject that demanded more time than 10 minutes of fumbling offered. I’m glad for the jumpstart, though. Any day spent writing, even a little bit, is a good one.

Email Beth Mink at for more information about the group’s next meeting on September 10.


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