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Fighting for the small farmers

What local chefs have to say about "Keep Chicken on the Menu"


One of Tyler Herald's Public Greens Urban Kitchen dishes with Hawkins family farm chicken
  • One of Tyler Herald's Public Greens Urban Kitchen dishes with Hawkins family farm chicken

The #Keepchickenonthemenu movement is an attempt to bring attention to an effort to prevent a small farm from selling its chicken to restaurants. The Hawkins family farm is legal under federal law and is active in supporting and supplying farm-to-table restaurants. Why are chefs so open to using such products?

"I thought it was a great product, and I am always on board to support small local farms. We source from lots of different Indiana farms at Patachou, Inc. I think the difference is in the quality of the product. When you start with great ingredients you don't have to do much to them to make great dishes. I also feel very strongly about the relationships made and built with smaller farmers. Seeing them hand-deliver things to you personally and knowing them on a first name basis."
— Tyler Herald, Public Greens
Urban Kitchen, Patachou, Inc.

"Here at Rook we believe and support our local community. We want to source as much local ingredients as we can. Being an Asian-inspired restaurant it's a little harder to do, but we try as best we can. Our chickens, beef, pork, lamb, eggs and most of our produce are from local farmers here in Indy. It's a big part of how I envision Rook to be. These farmers are our friends, neighbors or even family members. They do it because they are passionate and believe in good products. They do it to make a living. I personally love the fact that I know the person that raised the animal I am cooking at the restaurant or even at home. It brings relief knowing that they took care of that animal and gave it a clean and healthy life that eventually makes the dishes I prepare taste even better... The quality is way better than what you can get at grocery stores. You can tell by taste, texture and even the the looks of it."
— Carlos Salzar, Rook

Several farm-to-table restaurants in Indianapolis and northern Indiana are participating in the #keepchickenonthemenu movement by featuring Hawkins chicken in one signature dish on their menus, including Cerulean, Milktooth, Public Greens Urban Kitchen and Rook.


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