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First-ever Hendricks County Film Festival



The Necklace, one of 17 short films at the Hendricks County Film Festival, stars Kimberlin Brown (left) and Traci Dinwiddie.
  • The Necklace, one of 17 short films at the Hendricks County Film Festival, stars Kimberlin Brown (left) and Traci Dinwiddie.

This Saturday, April 30, the inaugural Hendricks County Film Festival will be unveiled at the Rave Motion Pictures in Plainfield’s Metropolis Mall. This is a one-day event, including three separate screenings. A total of 17 independent short films are on display — films that were submitted from around the world.

Selections include a locally-made film from Brownsburg, a WWII drama and a documentary from the United Arab Emirates.

The three showings begin at 1 p.m., 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. and an award ceremony will immediately follow the last screening. Tickets are only $7 for an individual screening or $20 for an all-day pass, and may be purchased at the Danville Public Library, the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau (in Danville), or online.

Below find short descriptions of the selections.

First screening: 1 p.m.

The Desperate
Director: Ben Hur Sepehr
Run time: 33 min

Nazi General’s son is wounded during the bombings in WWII. The camp’s doctor has been transferred and the only one available is a condemned, elderly Jewish inmate of the concentration camp.

The Ranger from Kelly Street
Director: Jack Swanstrom
Run time: 12 minutes

Harry Perlmutter, a private in the Ranger Battalion, details his capture as a survivor of an ambush at the Battle of Cisterna (1944) in which approximately 700 Rangers were involved.

Plight of the Earth Fairy
Director: Kim Sheridan
Run Time: 10 minutes

The Earth Fairy has an identity crisis and seeks professional help, feeling the inadequacies of living in the shadow of the glorified Tooth Fairy. Through humor, the film explores controversial issues regarding today’s environmental issues.

Shot at Sundown
Director: Karin Partin
Run Time: 14 minutes

Young Midwestern couple sits down to dinner with Mom and Dad in a Brooklyn neighborhood in which the demographics are currently shifting.

Surviving Hunger
Director: Balgum Song
Run Time: 3 minutes

A desert is the best place to find sand and dry air, but it’s the worst place to find food.

The Necklace
Director: MaryLee Herrmann
Run Time: 6 minutes

This short film focuses on Margaret, a strong, dependable woman who appears to have it together, but feels trapped, so she decides to find the courage to pursue her own dreams.

Good Versus Evil
Director Kim Sheridan
Run Time: 8 minutes

A detective brings out the good in everyone, making history. Produced by EnLighthouse Entertainment with a cast of two, the director and her husband. Initially created as part of the 48-Hour Film Project.

Broken Dreams
Director: Eric Peterson
Run Time: 5 minutes

A man’s life begins to fall apart and he goes off the deep end. Rather than turning to his favorite motivational speaker for advice he becomes the man’s target.

Walla Walla Wiffle
Director: Robert Sickels
Run Time: 7 minutes

An annual one-day wiffleball tournament in which 48 men, ages 30-40, from all over the country flock to eastern Washington. The tournament allows these men a small reprieve from their inescapable responsibilities that come with jobs and family.

Second screening: 4 p.m.

Friend of the Devil
Director: Eric H. Heisner
Run Time: 24 minutes

A Texas Ranger goes rogue, turning in his badge to chase after three border bandits. His chase is interrupted by the discovery of a man almost killed by a lynching — who then aids him in his search.

The Board
Director: Brett Varvel
Run Time: 40 minutes

A person’s soul is represented by a board of directors. The members: Mind, Memory, Emotion, Heart, Will and Conscience. They discuss and vote on a dilemma that has eternal consequences.

Three Miles Under
Director: Ankur Singh
Run Time: 26 minutes

Two kids try to dig a hole to China, when really they are just running from their fear of the world, never intending to reach their destination.

Juice Box for Jesus
Director: Hamilton Scott
Run Time: 11 minutes

A man shows up at the Birch family’s nightly bible study claiming to be Jesus.

Third screening: 7 p.m.

What’s Up
Director: Kim Sheridan
Run Time: 8 minutes

A controversial and virtually unheard of issue is brought to light in this film meant to inspire viewers to learn more, question, take responsibility and get involved.

An Evening With My Comatose Mother
Director: Jonathan Martin
Run Time: 33 minutes

Dorothy is asked to housesit on Halloween for a wealthy family — and the comatose mother living upstairs is the only thing standing in her way of having a very memorable Halloween.

Cantata in C Major
Director: Ronnie Cramer
Run Time: 8 minutes

This piece features Ronnie Cramer, whose paintings have been featured across the country, and whose music has achieved airplay on over 100 radio stations, nationwide. His films have been screened at festival around world. In this piece, 605 film clips are combined to create an original piece of electronic music.

The Vanity
Director: David Neidert
Run Time: 17 minutes

Inspired by a true story of divorce, bad relationships, drug use and pain, the film follows Carol as she tries to pick up the pieces, looking for love, forgiveness and restoration.


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