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Five local Record Store Day offerings


Art for the Big Damn Band release - DADDY KOOL RECORDS
  • Daddy Kool Records
  • Art for the Big Damn Band release

Yup, Record Store Day is tomorrow. Yup, most of the releases are national, but yup, there are some locals sneaking in with cool releases too. And of course, there's local artists performing all over Central Indiana tomorrow too. Here's a quick breakdown of those performances. 

First up on local releases, No Coast will release a brand new EP, limited to a run of 100. You've got two chances to grab it and see them play, first at Vibes and then at Kokomo's American Dream Hi-Fi. Musical Family Tree has a review of the release here, plus a three-song sampler on offer. 

Liner notes for Doog's reissue - MFT PRESERVATION SERIES
  • MFT Preservation Series
  • Liner notes for Doog's reissue
Speaking of Musical Family Tree, they're launching two brand new tapes on RSD as part of their Preservation Series. Sir Deja Doog's Some Kind of Sex will receive a 10th anniversary reissue, limited to 200 cassettes.

Dave Segedy handed over an album of demos for a Preservation Series release, too. (Read our latest feature on his band, Sleeping Bag, here. Segedy released a solo album on Jurassic Pop recently.) 

Daddy Kool Records will release a 7" by The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band called You Can't Judge A Book. That release garnered a ton of picks on our RSD shopping megalist. 

GloryHole Records will offer a RSD exclusive tape at their Vibes showcase, featuring four as-yet-unreleased America Owns The Moon songs. 

Got a lead on more local releases? Drop it in the comments! 


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