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Five minutes with Parachute



Parachute is a very fun, bluesy pop rock band that is incredible to see live. I was fortunate to catch them as the openers on the All American Rejects and Boys Like Girls tour when they came to the Egyptian Room on October 15. I was even more fortunate that drummer Johnny Stubblefield was kind enough to answer a few quick questions.

NUVO: Where are you guys from?

Johnny Stubblefield: We're from Charlottesville, Virginia.

NUVO: You seemed to get a really great reception from the crowd here tonight. Do you have fans that follow the band and come to a lot of your shows?

Stubblefield: We do, but it's also really fun to open for bands like this, but it's sometimes a challenge to win over a crowd that we've never played in front of before. It's a lot fun to be on a headlining show like this. A lot of people do come out to see us.

NUVO: Have Parachute played in Indianapolis before?

Stubblefield: We have, we actually played here a little bit ago, when we were on tour with The Cab. So, we like it here.

NUVO: Is this your first time playing with Boys Like Girls or All American Rejects?

Stubblefield: This is the very first time; I haven't even seen either band live before. We're very excited and honored that they had us come out and play with them.

I didn't keep him for too long, due to the fact there were many fans behind me clamoring to see Johnny and the rest of Parachute. I hope to interview Parachute again, because they certainly became one of my favorites after this show.


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