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Foam redux

Heritage Materials Management will accept block packaging foam


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Can I recycle Styrofoam that has a recycle number on the bottom?


There once was a gal named Kay,
Who sent a recycling question to NUVO’s Ask Renee.
She asked about foam
That piles up in her home
And the answer is that there is but one way!

Heritage Materials Management will accept block packaging foam (marked #6, no glue or metals attached) for recycling during business hours (M-F, 8 a.m.-3 p.m.). There is a yellow bin inside their gate at 1102 Roosevelt Ave., Indianapolis.

The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability may hate me for this, but I think everyone should either attend the June 22 meeting about the future of recycling in Indianapolis or email recycling@indy.gov to let them know that you want a convenient and effective way to recycle polystyrene foam. This is the most common question I receive through Ask Renee, yet the most challenging recyclable material to deal with.

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