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Forgiveness School


Thumbs up: Forgiveness School

Thumbs up for genocide survivors working to promote forgiveness as a means to global conflict resoluton. Eva Moses Kor, a Holocaust survivor, and Kizito Kalmia, a Rwanda Genocide survivor, held the recent workshop "Forgiveness: The Power to Change the World" with the support of Ian McIntosh of IUPUI's Office of International Affairs, the United States Institute of Peace, Center for Interfaith Cooperation, and the Amohoro Project for Forgiveness and Peace. "Wow, I am a human being again," Kizito said, explaining his experience with the liberating effect of forgiveness. The 80 participants who attended the day-long workshop, and additional 40 on a waiting list underscored Indy's interest in promoting peace. "Forgiveness is not forgetting," concluded one of the events break-out groups, "though it may be a different way of remembering."

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