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Four reasons bands love to play Punktober Fest



Ah, yes, Halloween. It’s the season of corpse paint and pumpkin spice-flavored living. What could be missing? Well, not much, other than an all-day punk rock festival.

Oh wait, Bloomington has that too.

On Saturday, October 10, Rhino’s Youth Center will host its fourth annual Punktober Fest. Put on by Plan-It-X’s Chris Clavin, its an all-locals benefit for Pages to Prisoners. 14 bands are playing, and my band, House Olympics, is one of them. With that being said, here comes an incredibly biased – but nonetheless true – list of why musicians love it. (There's a lot more associated everts that weekend, too.)

1. It’s for a great cause

Sure, shows are meant to be fun and about the music and all that idealistic jargon. But, what’s even better is when shows have a bigger purpose. This year, Punktober Fest is charging a $6 cover. Those proceeds go directly to Midwest Pages to Prisoners, which according to their website is “an all volunteer effort that strives to encourage self-education among prisoners in the United States. By providing free reading materials upon request, we hope to aid in the rehabilitation process and stimulate critical thinking behind bars.”

2. It features all local bands

We’re not going to pretend Bloomington isn’t a hotspot for touring bands, because it totally is. Every week, multiple shows are happening somewhere with a band from some faraway land like Philly. That’s pretty sick. However, sometimes it’s nice to just have a show full of your friends’ bands and getting to relax and not worry about making enough money to cover their gas tank.

3. It’s not just about the music

14 bands, plus some fun activities for the whole family. To get you truly in the spooky mindset, there will be a horror art show featuring all kinds of talented local artists. Plus, for the environmentally concerned, a vegan candy bake sale will take place throughout the day. According to the Facebook event page, there may even be some sort of dunking. The suspense may kill me.

4. It’s during everybody’s favorite holiday season

Yeah, that’s probably not true, but Halloween is awesome. It’s the time of year it’s acceptable to wear all black, and that works in favor of the Bloomington punks. You can expect some DIY costumes, some funny and some scary. Since the show kicks off on the 10, it gives you 21 more days of October to celebrate elsewhere.


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