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From Ft. Wayne via Bloomington: Casket Sharp's self-titled EP




Casket Sharp are a band of mysterious, clean-cut, soon-to-be rockstars. Remaining unusually anonymous and collaborating with established artists from Bloomington and Ft. Wayne, Casket Sharp have created a soothingly haunting rock album.

Inside their five-song, self-titled LP, the band is listed simply as Eric, Gordon, and Davey. Even less information is available online and stirs curiosity; is the band is actively working to maintain a holistic image, rather than focusing on a roster of individuals? Aside from their first names, I know nothing more than their “coming of age” story posted in their facebook and myspace pages:

Hardlight Records owner Scot Gallop [brought] the band to Bloomington to record a five-song song EP. [Hardlight recruited assistance from] Murder By Death’s Matt Armstrong on bass, drumming by Travis Sheets (Last Chance At Failure) and Greg Simpson (Take Manhattan), and back-up vocal support from Jada B (The LadyQuakes).

The first track, "ETA", strikes with an unexpected falsetto. It’s quirky rather than annoying, and stands out in a favorable way. Dangerously flirting with a power pop categorization, a select few moments of harder instrumentation and rockstar screams keep the track under the umbrella of rock.

Casket Sharp

The second track, "Fuck Friend", definitely goes there (“all I wanted was a friend with benefits!”) and maintains the foot-tapping momentum created in ETA. The vocals here, however, stray from pop- inheriting a sexy, raspy scream comparable to Buckcherry’s Josh Todd.

The second half of the EP slows in rhythm, but its musical merit continues to increase. "Bad Dreams" is bluesy and solitary while "Told You So"’s acoustic sound feels warm and rustic. "Good Girls" recalls the eccentric voice from the opening track, laid against a lovely piano romp. The album closes as percussion drops, allowing the piano and guitar to usher out the track with a chilling, distant hum.

Casket Sharp
"Good Girls"


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