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Furnace filters — yea or nay?

"The trash is the best spot for a used standard furnace filter."


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Can you recycle furnace filters?



I’m not just blowing hot air here: The trash is the best spot for a used standard furnace filter. It may appear that furnace filters are made of some recycled materials, like cardboard, but because of the contaminants (including bacteria, fungus, mold and viruses) collected in the filter, it’s best to not agitate the filter to remove the cardboard for recycling.

You may look in to some of the washable, reusable furnace filter options or seek out a brand that uses recycled cardboard for the frame. Reusable filters cost a little more, but you’re also not replacing them every 90 days. Just be sure to do your research, as with any furnace filter, to understand the MERV rating, filtered contaminants, and other important factors.

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(NOTE: This letter appeared in the Feb. 3, 2016 issue of NUVO.)


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