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This month’s First Friday found me at Editions Limited Gallery (838 East 65th Street) during the Broad Ripple Gallery Tour. Plans had been made to be all across the city, including Mass Ave, but Broad Ripple ended up being my home for the evening. I need to ask my scientist friends — all two of them — to work on making me a clone. Or six.

Rain had not kept anyone at home; my friend and I walked up Editions' wet wood stairs (taking note of the accessible entrance) and into a bright, cool, and crowded space. The smell of wine hit me first; a turquoise wall featuring side-by-side paintings by oil painters Brock Cagann and Matthew Eickhoff came next. Art was featured most noticeably on freestanding walls that trisected the main room.

Cagann’s work reminded me a great deal of Edward Hopper, with his use of muted-yet-bright tones and glimpse at a life I only know from relatives’ childhood stories. Many of the paintings I saw were based in the 1920s, such as “Illinois and Market Street 1924.” Much of his art centered around an old-world Indianapolis full of tall, gray buildings and the types of old cars that I cannot easily identify — Model T’s, perhaps — beyond knowing my grandfather collected similar vehicles. There was familiarity and comfort in his work, as though something in me understands what Indianapolis was like 90 years ago.


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