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Gen Con: Careful of the Claws



Gen Con attendees can spend thousands of dollars on a costume, but with some Styrofoam, fishing wire and an old trenchcoat, Brock Morgan was able to create a costume that has made him one of the most photographed convention-goers this year.

Cosplaying as Spider-Man villain Doctor Octopus, Morgan says he’s been stopped hundreds of times during the convention. When I saw him at one of the vendor tables and asked for a photo, a brief flash of weariness crossed his face, but he quickly got into character.

The Swayze, Ind., native says he likes the attention, but the massive crowds at Gen Con were doing damage to his tentacles — in the span of a few hours, his mechanical claws (actually Styrofoam) had broken off from several of his arms because of people bumping into him. (If that had been a problem with the real Doctor Octopus, he likely would never have become one of Peter Parker’s most deadly villains, but he still would have been a cooler member of the Sinister Six than the Vulture.)

This isn’t the first time he’s dressed up in costume for the Con. Last year he and his friends came as the X-Men, with him as Havok. They’ve also dressed as various video-game characters for previous Gen Cons.

The highlight of the 2012 convention so far? Posing with Spider-Man's paramour, the Black Cat.


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