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GenCon: Day Two



After an exciting day one of GenCon, day two would have to be impressive to make a mark. Impressive it was and leave a mark it did.

Upon first arriving downtown, Sara and I made a b-line for the Westin Hotel where the Zombie Walk was starting. We were a few minutes late, but we managed to catch up with the cluster of zombies in the Convention Center. Some of the zombie costumes were fairly standard (red face-paint around the mouth and a torn t-shirt) but others were quite creative. One fellow had dolled himself up to look like a zombified EMT (always the first to go in a zombie outbreak), while another staggered around as a blood-splattered zombie clown (always the last to go in a zombie outbreak, right?).

GenCon: I think the dude on the left is a zombie Carmen San Diego...
  • Sara Baldwin
  • GenCon: I think the dude on the left is a zombie Carmen San Diego...

After the zombie crowd dispersed our eyes were drawn to a cluster of intricate card castles set up down the hall from where the Zombie Walk had dispersed. Made from donated trading cards (like “Tomb Raider: The Customizable Card Game”), the towers were impressive feats of geek engineering. Dubbed “Cardhalla”, the structures will be destroyed tonight at 10:30 with a barrage of coin projectiles. All coins collected after the siege will go to an unnamed charity. No joke.

GenCon: That little dude was building exclusively with Tomb Raider trading cards.
  • Sara Baldwin
  • GenCon: That little dude was building exclusively with "Tomb Raider" trading cards.

After tiptoeing around cardhalla, we made our way to the Ram where we ate off of their gamer-themed GenCon menu. I even downed a couple draughts of their special GenCon Primal Porter before heading back to the Westin for the Nerdcore showcase. For those of you in the dark, Nerdcore is a sub-genre of hip-hop that lyrically focuses on gaming, science fiction and anything else in the realm of geekdom. Throughout the three-hour show, I heard references to “The Half Blood Prince”, “The Legend of Zelda” and Pac-Man. The last act of the night, Powerlifter, from Wichita, KS was definitely the highlight of the day. The two-piece put on an extremely energetic set that included lots of jumping, head-banging and thrashing. Their music incorporated heavy 8-bit beats but there was no rapping like the rest of the acts; Powerlifter was electronic hipster party hardcore... and the crowd loved it. Seeing them perform to a GenCon crowd was a real treat.

Now, on to day three... For more GenCon pictures, go here.

GenCon: P0W3RL1FT3R
  • Sara Baldwin
  • GenCon: P0W3RL1FT3R


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