GenCon responds to RFRA signing

CEO says gaming convention will stay through contract but after that…?



The CEO of GenCon, Adrian Swartout, asked Gov. Pence not to sign the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Pence ignored her (and several other CEOs, small business owners, clergy, citizens, etc.) and signed it anyway.

Now, there’s a new letter from GenCon. This one is addressed to the fans and vendors of the gaming convention that pumps $50 million dollars into the Central Indiana economy.

GenCon Letter to Attendees

Swartout concedes that GenCon does have a binding contract through 2020 and that city tourism officials have promised RFRA and its discriminatory implications will not touch the convention.

(She only gives a hint of the amount of groveling and pleading that might have gone on, but I still would have liked to have been a bug in THAT phone!)

Swartout’s message to ers fans and vendors is still boldy clear: she wants to hear about any problems or incidents because GenCon’s future in Indiana in 2021 and beyond is hardly guaranteed.


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