Genocide Prevention Summit

When: Sat., March 31, 1-8 p.m. 2012


From the event press release:

Indiana will host its’ first-ever Genocide Prevention Summit on March 31, featuring presentations from a local resident that survived the 1994 genocide in Rwanda that left over 800,000 dead as well as activists in the field. The summit is very timely, in light of troubling stories of renewed ethnic violence coming out of Sudan and the international community’s failure to act against the daily brutality of the Assad regime in Syria.

Kizito Kalima, Indianapolis, will recount his tale of tragedy and survival in one of the worst cases of modern day atrocities at the summit. Kalima, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, said, “I lost my entire family to acts of genocide in 1994. My two adopted children were infants when their parents were killed in the genocide.” Kalima not only survived, but has made his life’s work to stopping genocides from happening again, as the founder of the Global Genocide Prevention Alliance. He noted, “The genocide in Rwanda could have been prevented and it must be prevented from happening again. Politicians and concerned citizens in Indiana can make a difference.” Don Kraus, CEO of Citizens for Global Solutions, a Washington advocacy group with a long history of advocating for genocide prevention, will be providing the keynote address for the event. Kraus will discuss U.S. and global policies and actions that are currently in place to prevent genocide and recommendations for improvements that can ensure that the international community can stop mass atrocities from occurring. “While the world has made great strides in recognizing that all states have a responsibility to protect civilians from genocide, there is still much more action needed to make certain that we never have to say ‘never again’.”

Local photographer Katie Basbagil will showcase her art project “IndyRefugee” that tells the story of Burma’s Karen ethnic group who have been victims of genocide, many of whom have resettled in Indiana.

National organizations such as United to End Genocide, Invisible Children, and The Project to End Genocide, as well as numerous local organizations are participating in the conference.

The Genocide Prevention Summit will be held on Saturday, March 31 from 1-8 pm at the Interchurch Center located at 1100 W. 42nd Street in Indianapolis. For more information, contact Mike Oles, Indiana Field Organizer for Citizens for Global Solutions at

Citizens for Global Solutions is a groundbreaking national movement that supports responsible and cooperative U.S. foreign policy.

From the event website:


General Session Topics:

Defining Genocide and Mass Atrocity Crimes Today New Concepts for Genocide Prevention- Strengthening International Institutions to Prevent Genocide Local Activism and Genocide Prevention- Krony 2012: Screening of and conversation about Invisible Children's New Film
Breakout Session Topics:

A New Path to Prevent the Past: the Responsibility to Protect
Joining the Local Movement, Advocating: Lobbying, Writing, and Presenting Genocide to Your Network
Teaching the Holocaust, Genocide, and Genocide Prevention- Genocide Prevention and Art

Price: Free

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