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Get Freaky With The D


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At best, there were 40 people at The Casba on Tuesday when Andy D got freaky with himself. Weeknight warriors assembled in semi-circle fashion around the Bloomington rapper/dancer/comedian to participate in his raunchy, hilarious late night antics.

Andy D’s fashion sense is such a train wreck that it become impossible not to stare in awe: a sleeveless jean jacket; fully exposed bare chest and belly; pajama pants created from a busy piece of red and yellow fabric; a frilly scarf in pastel rainbow colors; and a white fanny pack slung to his left side.

Andy D’s subject matter is steeped in sex. He sings about drunk chicks and parties, too. But mostly sex. Still- the rhymes are clever and the beats are catchy, so it’s easy to be comfortable with a man singing to you about oral transactions and other erotic fantasies.

The controversial and explicit lyrics are offset by Andy D’s ridiculous sense of humor. Acting as his own emcee, the space of time between two songs becomes a 30-second comedy bit. Once he catches his breath and milks as many laughs as he can from the crowd, it’s on to the next song. “Oh, shit. That’s not the right one” he explained with his back to the audience as he pressed buttons on the equipment staged behind the dance floor. “See, guys. That’s what happens when your band is a robot.”

The final element of an Andy D show, and perhaps most impressive, is dance. Flapping his body in all directions, Andy D utilizes every inch of the dance floor. When stationary, his arms flail, head pounds the air, and pelvis thrusts vigorously. Once mobile, he’s quick to engage the audience with a bump and grind on anyone else who is dancing.

The peculiar combination of dirty dancing, vulgar lyrics, and dry humor makes for a wildly entertaining live show.

  • Photo by Chelsea F. Franks

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