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Get your punk rock fix...[Sat. night]!



Despite enjoying myself watching an impressive line-up of local indie-rockers (Bloodbank, Vacation Club, etc) at the Earth House last night, I could definitely use a healthy dose of rowdy, bouncy punk rock.

Well, it just so happens that, tonight, The Dojo has exactly what I need. Some of the best bands from the Great Lakes Region are converging on the tiny mid-town venue to teach us to mosh for warmth. There are a lot of good reasons why you should attend, but each band tonight is worth checking out.

Banner Pilot: Hailing from the new punk capitol of the Midwest, Minneapolis (sorry Chicago!), Banner Pilot has spent the last five years slowly brewing a dedicated fan-base. Their gritty sound, which mixes the best elements of “Orgcore” bands such as Dillinger Four, Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio and Against Me! and was positively received around the country. Their first album, Resignation Day, grabbed the attention of Fat Wreck Chords who snatched up the band for their second release Collapser in 2009. Their rowdy Great Lakes’ sounds are sure to strike a chord with Hoosier punk rock fans.

BANNER PILOT: Born in a basement, die in a basement...
  • BANNER PILOT: Born in a basement, die in a basement...

The Dopamines: Do I really have to explain the Dopamines to you? The Cincinnati trio has exploded out of the Great Lakes and into the national punk scene with their most recent and excellent record, Expect The Worst. Their fantastic understanding of melodies allows them to craft infectious, rambunctious songs about alcohol abuse and pre-mid-life crises. Over the last few years, they have amassed a solid following in the Circle City. Their triump return to the city is sure to be a blast.

Grown Ups: In case you missed these Michigan City, IN heroes last time they rolled through town, now if your chance to seek redemption. Their emo-revival sound injects the vitality and energy of bands like Lifetime and Kid Dynamite into the emotional and technical proficiency of bands like Braid and Rites of Spring. Check out their debut album More Songs, but more importantly, check them out live…TONIGHT!

Giant Giant Robot: The ashes of The Five Second Cummings have been smoldering for nearly four years, since they broke up. But three of the original members of the impressive punk group have joined forces to form Giant Giant Robot. GGR is more mature and melodic than VSC and notably more enjoyable. Check’em out.

Mixtapes: Yet another Cincinnati band to add to your playlist! Mixtapes features catchy melodies over rowdy, four-chord punk rock and tag-team boy-girl vocals. Definitely worth checking out

THE DOPAMINES: In their natural environment
  • THE DOPAMINES: In their natural environment


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