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Girl Talk at The Madison Theater


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Last Friday, as I was preparing to leave on a road trip to Covington, KY for a Girl Talk concert, I had flashbacks from high school. “My mom would kill me if she knew I was driving in this snowstorm right now”, I confessed out loud while I reminisced of all the times my plans were ever cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions for a 16-year-old to be on the road. Friday evening was one of those nights when logic said I should have stayed in, but the dance fan inside of me said, “You’re going to a sold-out Girl Talk show at The Madison Theater with one of your best friends.” So, despite the dense flurries that were falling in blizzard-like fashion and despite the slippery coating of compacted snow that covered the road, we went.

Averaging 50 MPH all the way to Kentucky, I safely arrived at my destination two and a half hours after my Indianapolis departure. There was a small line outside the building, but the Madison Theater staff did a fine job at corralling everyone through and admitting all ticketholders before Girl Talk took stage at 10:30. The show kicked off identical to his recently released All Day album with Ludacris’ beat from “Move Bitch”. In a matter of minutes, as per usual, the at-capacity club transformed into a sweaty mess of screaming and dancing bodies.

Girl Talk speaks to his audience at The Madison Theater in Covington, KY
  • Girl Talk speaks to his audience at The Madison Theater in Covington, KY

Seeing Girl Talk live certainly won’t result in musical epiphanies or life-changing discoveries in the world of mash-up art. In fact, if you’ve listened to the work he’s published previously, you probably won’t hear any major differences at the live show. Although he performs real-time sampling while on-stage, the true appeal of Girl Talk live simply lies within the nature of the party that is guaranteed to ensue at the foot of his presence. Fans on-stage dancing all around the DJ, a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd that’s always impossible to penetrate, flashing lights, soaring temperatures, blow-up toys, and a shitton of confetti are all standard protocol. It’s like Let Go! At The Lockerbie on crack: a wild, sexy, hipster freak-out dance party that leaves its attendees physically drained after less than an hour on the dance floor.

Attending a Girl Talk concert is one of those unique events that everyone needs to experience if for no other reason than to see the party phenomena for themselves in person. You’ll get that “OMG! I LOVE this song!” emotion, as well as the “Holy shit! It’s hot in here!” and “Did someone just touch my butt?” sensations. It’s not recommended for the anti-crowd concert goer (you WILL have your personal space invaded) or music snobs (expect a lot of samples from a lot of radio-friendly, mainstream artists). But if you’re ready to let go of your inhibitions and dance like no one is watching (because, trust me, they aren’t) then plan on seeing him next time he visits Indiana. And buy early; tickets always sell out.


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