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Go&Do: We'll see who's the filthiest person alive!



  • Divine

Here's our list of the top five filthiest events in Indy, In tribute to John Waters, who's in town this weekend with his one-man show, This Filthy World, a free-ranging monologue that highlights both the Spirit & Place and Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival schedule.

1) This Filthy World, of course: The Eggman and Divine were pretty filthy, but who knows what Waters puts in that moustache.

2) Percussive Arts Society International Convention: The "biggest percussion event in the world" (according to the Indy-based Percussive Arts Society) will be chock-full of filthy beats this weekend, including evening concerts by the Army Jazz Blues Ensemble (tonight; so filthy they can't decide on a genre) and conguero Poncho Sanchez (Saturday night).

3) Vonnegut's Views on the Human Body: Vonnegut was fond of likening an asterisk to an asshole; nuff said. His views on our putrescent temporal envelopes will be explored by a panel of nasty smart writers and scholars, including Dan Wakefield, Marc Leeds, Rodney Allen and NUVO's very own David Hoppe. Plus, music co-written by Vonnegut and Butler prof Richard Clark.

4) Spirit & Place Public Conversation: A wide-ranging discussion concerning our disgusting body featuring Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Thomas Lynch and Anita Diamant. That air hook was filthy.

5) 2011 Gathering of Writers: Digging Deeper: As the event title suggests, you can't write anything good without getting your hands dirty. The Writer's Center of Indiana's annual conference features a day's worth of conferences on writing everything from prose poetry to memoir; Pulitzer Prize finalist Lee Martin will deliver the keynote.


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