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Grey Granite presents “Not A Robot — A Perfect Date” starring Action Jackson



In the day and age where anyone and everyone has access to technology that allows them to snap pictures and shoot video almost instantly, it’s rare to see amateur graphic designs made with high quality and good taste- let alone cinematic undertakings that yield any merit.

Music videos from local artists are a rare treat. It’s a time consuming process that necessitates the convergence of many different skill sets, both in front of the camera and behind it. Unfortunately, making a video for the sake of making a video tends to be the primary motivator in local productions. And it shows. But when the recipe includes a developed plot, proficient acting, qualified digital editors, and respectable music, the outcome is guaranteed to be worthy of your time.

Leave it to the artistic genius that fuels Heavy Gun Blog (one of the city’s most impressive local hip hop collectives) to set the bar... and to set the bar high. Getting a group of your hip hop friends together to stand in front of a graffiti wall while you rap and flail your arms in front of the camera is no longer a viable plot if you want your music video to be taken seriously, nor should you use your kitchen as a backdrop or cereal boxes as props.

Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster
  • Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster

The music video below plays to the single “Not a Robot” from Grey Granite’s recently released EP, Pixelated Lazer Face Bass Monster. The song is catchy and remains true to Granite’s branded electro/hip hop sound, but also finds the rapper following suit from his last album (Lust Poisons Pride) and venturing into the vulnerable realm of singing.

Granite was inspired to make “A Perfect Date” after watching a video about life size dolls and soon thereafter enlisted local DJ Action Jackson to help his vision come to life. Appropriate for a song about faux beauty (both inside and out), the video is an exploration of what it would be like to “date” a doll.

Whether they’re listening to records, playing video games on the couch, or helping each other to decide what to wear out, baby-faced Action Jackson and his lifeless “girlfriend” are undeniable naturals in front of the camera. Talk bubbles bring a dialog element to the video, remaining consistent with the Heavy Gun brand of humor.

As stated on IQ Entertainment’s web page and disclaimed in the video, “we promise that Action isn’t as creepy as he’s portrayed to be.”


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