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Guy Maddin's 'Keyhole' at IMA tonight



Guy Maddin's cinema is ripe for explication: those all-caps intertitles come from Soviet silent cinema; that un-synched dialogue from the early years of sound-on-film; that mannerized staging from German expressionism; that overripe, weirdly off color from two-strip Technicolor.

But you miss a lot by interpreting his films as merely pastiche or collage: Say, his uniquely Canadian polymorphous perversity, which mixes incest with foot fetishism with, say, a lust for beefy Winnipeg hockey players of yore (I'm conflating elements from separate films, but you get the drift).

Maddin's Keyhole arrives at the IMA today a month after its theatrical premiere in NYC (and well before the possibility of a week-long run in Indy, not that his last film was on the "mainstream" arthouse circuit that feeds Landmark). It's a gangster ghost drama, based on the Odyssey, starring Jason Patric and Isabella Rossellini. 7 p.m. at The Toby; $9 public, $5 IMA members; projected in Blu-Ray.


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