Haiku News


Uzbek refugees
flee Kyrgyzstan in search of
vowels that aren't "y"s

if confirmed, Kagan
would have to sit out cases --
great way to start work!

Kalamazoo Wendy's
turns out to be the site of
a fastfood fracas

from fires to floods to
high winds spring storms are surely
being drama queens

reveals BP spill plan was
shit ton of bullshit

Britain, United
States in a snit fit over
BP oil rig spill

not to be outdone
Salt Lake City features its
own awful oil spill

solar storm increase
will give climate skeptics more
to dissemble with

Daniels decision
to conserve giant wetlands
brings tears to our eyes!

5000 year-old
shoe is found -- they sure don't make
'em like they used to


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