Haiku News


Romney tells bosses
to tell employees how to
vote; Dictator Mitt!

let's hope whole binders
full of women are voting
for best candidate

Paul Ryan photo
op has put that soup kitchen
in boiling water

for decades Boy Scouts
of America were a
pedophile magnet

these colors don't run
and Chrysler Jeep Patriots
shouldn't stall! Probe starts

claim that pregnancy
can't kill is untrue, Joe Walsh,
so were you lying?

Oklahoma dust
storm was caused by wind sweeping
down the drought-plagued plain

a petroleum
friendly group says EPA
fracking study's frucked

that superbugs spread
from hospitals to rabbits
is MyRSAtery

Guest haiku from the news desk:

To inspire women
GOP brings husky, white
man from New Jersey


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