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Hail to the Queen



Concert poster from Divas. Rock. Queen
  • Concert poster from "Divas. Rock. Queen"

It’s always a treat to hear the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus perform. They’re such a strong ensemble and the look of joy on the singers’ faces hints at great camaraderie among the chorus members. I was happy to be one of several audience members who gave the group a standing ovation as today’s concert was ending.

The concert, “Divas. Rock. Queen,” celebrated pop and country divas, including Beyoncé and Dolly Parton, and also included several songs by the rock group Queen. Things kicked off at Unity Church (907 North Delaware) with “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from the musical Funny Girl, a song I know better from my recent conversion to “Glee” fandom. I didn’t figure it was wise to wing my way up and down the aisles while singing along, so I stayed put. But I did hum. A lot.

Especially fun was a duet of “Suddenly,” made popular by Olivia Newton John, between soloists Dan Roath and Glenn Zayas. What began as a campy skit — complete with Zayas in a pilot’s uniform and Roath as a last-minute passenger boarding a flight — became a tender love song that ended with a kiss. I heard the front of the house say, “Awww!” when Zayas dipped Roath. It was very sweet and flowed well into the entire group singing “I Drove All Night,” whose lyrics include “No matter where I go / I hear the beating of your heart.” Sniff.

I liked best the animated performances of several guys who were clearly born to be in the spotlight. I was tickled by the alterations some had made to their Divas. Rock. t-shirts, including snug fits and cut-off sleeves. It reminded me of the individuality encouraged by chorus directors when I sang years ago with the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus, the sister group operated under the IndyChoruses umbrella.

Though the chorus season has now ended, things will ramp back up in the fall. Visit IndyChoruses for information about future shows and tickets. Hints were dropped that a summer of love/’60s theme would take place next year. I hear a season pass calling my name.


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