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Review: ComedySportz's 'Headless Horseman'


ComedySportz's 'Headless Horseman: Unscripted'
  • ComedySportz's 'Headless Horseman: Unscripted'

ComedySportz takes a decidedly mature stance on Halloween entertainment with The Headless Horseman: Unscripted, an long-form improv piece based very loosely based on Washington Irving's classic tale. Six improvisors tells the story of Drunken Hollow (the place name changes with every performance, per audience suggestions), incarnating characters from the story - Ichabod Crane, Brom Bones, Katrina Van Tassle, etc. - while pulling slips of audience-suggested dialogue from two buckets flanking the stage as they go.

Like any good improv show, success depends on strong ensemble work, and the ComedySportz team more than succeeds by that measure. However, hilarious standouts are inevitable; Jeff Clawson and Edward Trout fall easily into that category. With plenty of x-rated content that readily reflects the sensibilities of the audience, ComedySportz creates a gut-busting evening of fast and loose comedy. Their tried and true framework for "adults-only" performances doesn't disappoint. Worth seeing again and again.


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