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Halloween review: Corpse Manor



Corpse Manor is, above all, a chance for local actors to strut their stuff. Like the historical re-enactors you might find at Conner Prairie, Corpse Manor's crew never breaks character while giving you a "not-so-living" history of dead people.

Plenty of people jump out and scare you along the way, but you also have plenty of fun along the way. And like at Indy Scream Park, the attention to detail is almost incredible. And also in keeping with Indy Scream Park, the actors are, thankfully, prohibited from touching any guests.

Once you make your way through the first attraction, Corpse Manor, you enter into Night Shadows. It's a moment that, if it were in a film, would be the part when you yell at the screen, "Don't go in there!" or "Hey idiot! Use a flashlight! Don't you hear the creepy ass music playing in the background?" There are reasons to be afraid of the dark, and Night Shadows reminds you of all of them.

Provided you make it out alive, you are then invited to Sinister Woods. All of the attractions are geared towards a slightly younger crowd, but there are plenty of things to scare older folk as well.


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