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Halloween review: Edge of Insanity



If you're looking for more bang for your buck, then Edge of Insanity is the place to go. For only $8, it's packed full of scares - and proceeds from the ticket prices go to three different charities: The Thomas Ingham Memorial Scholarship, Pals for Paws and the Guardian Angel Foundation.

You are led thru Dr. Weitle's Asylum by your very own tour guide: a blood-covered patient turned nurse. Nurse Alice is more than a little whacked-out, and tends to disappear on occasion, for fear that Dr. Weitle will catch her. After seeing what happens when he does catch her, you can't blame her for running.

In many ways, the Edge of Insanity is similar to enjoying an evening of theater in the round. Every actor has his or her part to play, and they take great pleasure in playing them. And as volunteer actors and actresses, their "reward" comes from scaring the living daylights out of you!

Located in a quiet farm in Kokomo, Edge of Insanity is well worth the drive! In addition to the asylum, you make your way thru a pet cemetery, where men in black make sure you run out of their attraction screaming!


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