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Halloween review: Hanna Haunted Acres



It's easy to make a night of this dynamic attraction with uniquely themed haunted houses, a corn maze, and a kid-friendly haunted hayride. Each attraction looms in a corner of the grassy lot along with a bonfire, concession stand and gift shop.

The first building holds four micro-haunts (Carnevil, Medical Malpractice and Hide & Seek). You won't run into Freddie, Jason, or any other celebrity monsters here, except of course the ghost of Mary Shaw (she had no children, only dolls). You will find a gaggle of black light-illuminated demon clowns and a dizzy vertigo-inducing scare fest brought to you via 3-D glasses.

Next up, you'll dash into a towering maze of corn with just enough moonlight to see the pair of chainsaw-wielding maniacs about to chase you down. Though the first attraction wins for frequency of frights, the maze might come closest to a "real" scare. Don't get hung up on trying to solve the puzzle of the maze - you'll have more fun if you play along. You might be surprised how much fun it is to scream "No, don't get me!" while trampsing down the muddy rows.

If a trip to Saw wasn't already included in the price of admission, I'd tell you to skip it. Though I appreciate the trouble someone went to to secure the required licensing from Lionsgate, this one just doesn't deliver.


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