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Halloween Review: Southside Massacre


Toxic waste canister at Southside Massacre - MARK LEE
  • Mark Lee
  • Toxic waste canister at Southside Massacre

Southside Massacre's more than 40 actors are very hands-on, taking a perverse pleasure in scaring the crap out of you. And God help you if you let on at all that you're the least bit scared! You start out in a toxic wasteland where you are greeted by sadistic clowns, who chase you with chainsaws to your next destination. Enter the pitch-black maze where actors bang on walls reminding you that "There is no God in Hell."

The highlight of the whole shebang is Southside Massacre itself: an insane asylum with its very own butcher shop and a lunatic at every corner. Be warned: A couple of the actors have probably seen Deliverance one too many times. You are not allowed to touch them, but they have no problem grabbing you, throwing you up against a chair or butcher block and letting you know you've got a "purty mouth." It's all in good fun and comes highly recommended.


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