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Review: The Asylum at Hannah House


It's a bloody job, but someone has to do it.
  • It's a bloody job, but someone has to do it.

Indy mainstay Asylum House moved to a new venue this year, the historic Hannah House. As it turns out, the team-up is a perfect, if unexpected, match.

Hannah House's Victorian charm, secret tunnels and general atmosphere are the ideal complement to Asylum's longstanding tradition of relentless, up-close-and-personal Grand Guignol. As wild as, say, Asylum's Phantom of the Opera or Jack The Ripper set pieces have been in the past, they take on a decidedly different tenor on authentic Victorian grounds.

The Zombie Paintball event returns from last year, and it's a longer and more in-your-face experience than last time around. Anyone who's ever bragged they could survive the zombie apocalypse gets the chance to back up their big talk, and trust me when I say it's not as easy as you think to protect your behind from walkers that pop out of the dark.

The event careens outdoors and well beyond the limits of the Hannah House itself. Indy's best haunted house, despite a smaller new home, is still as sprawling and epic as ever.

The Asylum at Hannah House (3801 Madison Ave., 919-9347,

Open Oct. 16-20, 23-27, 30-31

Hours: Wed, Thu and Sun: 7-10 p.m.
Fri and Sat: 7 p.m.-midnight

Tickets: $20 general, $27 VIP, group discounts available


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