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Never say never.

That's what Haste The Day bass player Mike Murphy tells himself, ever since his band's retirement made way for an unplanned 10th anniversary reunion show. That show, just over a year ago, led to the band reuniting, raising $165,000 on IndieGoGo, and recording a brand new album, Coward, which includes contributions from all members of the band, current and former.

"I was pretty reluctant to do the 10-year anniversary show to begin with," Murphy says. "We were all so disconnected from playing, and I didn't want to suck, more than anything. But when we played that show it really did inspire us. We were like 'Holy cow, people still know who the band is, people are still screaming these songs.' Even after that show it took a few months before anyone said 'Hey, it'd be cool to maybe do one more record and play a couple more shows.' Going into that 10-year anniversary show we thought it was just going to be that show and we're done again. But the fans pulled through."

Indeed they did. The band met their original goal for the album, a goal they thought they'd barely eke out, in just 10 days. They would eventually more than double their original ask.

"That helped a great deal, because we didn't have to worry about all the traveling, because we live all over the country — California, Pittsburgh, Nashville," he says.

The band met in Nashville for rehearsals and recording, having written portions of songs separately at first, shuttling files back and forth over the internet. The fact that the current incarnation of the band hadn't written together in five years, and that the original lineup contributed a song of their own, didn't stop the band from creating something cohesive and relevant.

"Once we actually got all together to track the album, all the other kinks were worked out," Murphy says. I thought the record would sound kind of schizophrenic, having different minds write at different times in different zip codes. But it all makes sense."

Now they're looking forward to their final show of a short Coward promotional tour, and giving Indianapolis fans what they want. Which means a set comprised of songs from every album of their career, including some of the new ones.

"We're going to touch the whole catalog," he says. "We'll have Jimmy [Ryan] with us, he's coming to all these shows. He's going to step out for the oldies. I think we're only going to play five or six new songs, the rest are going to be the oldies. I will say that there will be songs with the original lineup. They did 'Accept' on the new album, and they'll play it at the Egyptian Room, so we're really excited about that."

But what about never saying never? Is this going to be the last chance for fans to hear Haste The Day live?

"This really is the final countdown," Murphy confirms. "We've got nothing else planned. Last time we said it's our final show, and we were wrong. So we didn't want to come out and say now this is our final show ... but with normal jobs and kids and families, it was a challenge to even do this record. For all these shows to align, with all our schedules, doing anything after this is slim to none."

Still, there's a reason why Indianapolis gets to hear the final Haste The Day live performance, something for which Murphy says there are definitely "things up sleeves."

"Indiana in general is just an amazing state," he says. "None of us were born here but we all grew up here. If it wasn't for the Indianapolis fans we would be nothing."


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