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Haunted House: Corpse Manor


Undead girl in an online trailer for Corpse Manor.
  • Undead girl in an online trailer for Corpse Manor.


Corpse Manor, formerly known as Screamers, is under new ownership this year. With lots of fresh ideas and a heightened standard of quality in place, the building attached to the Post Road Recreation Center was gutted and completely rebuilt for the 2011 season. The design team (who have a history with well-known haunt Necropolis) built the all-new manor from the ground up for an experience completely unlike its predecessor.

The new house is stocked from front to back with experienced actors from a local theater company who are more than just bodies filling a costume. They're the undead residents of Corpse Manor - and they're pissed that you're in their house.

Fans of the more traditional style of haunted housing will be pleased to know there are no obstacle-course-like maneuvers or pitch-dark mazes - just a lot of detailed, hand-built scenes inside an old, southern mansion populated with hidden, living creatures.

For an extra $5, you can purchase the combo ticket and venture through the Sinister Woods (if you survive the manor). It's shorter and slips quite a bit on the terror factor, but I still laughed (and screamed) hysterically the entire way through.


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