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Haunted house review: Indy Scream Park


Friday night at the Meth Cookery.
  • Friday night at the Meth Cookery.

Indy Scream Park hasn't been around long, but in a short time it's established itself as one of the must-see parks of the season. It's a haunted houses as directed by Michael Bay and written by caffeine-addled grad students on a weekend bender. And it's absolutely huge, with five separate segments that stand distinctly on their own.

A pitch-dark maze with more surprises than most of its kind, an excellent 3-D neon house and a Victorian nightmare hall make up the indoor portion. Outside you'll see an enormous hillbilly-torture-family sequence that is nearly worth the price of admission.

The real standout, though, is the military-themed zombie corn maze, which makes tremendous use of the site's location at a paintball facility. In the darkness, the deep field of wrecked military vehicles and jeeps gives the impression of an endless apocalyptic landscape. The Blade Runner-esque billowing torch that occasionally lights the night certainly adds to the flavor.

Indy Scream Park keeps you busy for hours. The whole thing is designed as an event in itself: A Halloween-style county fair complete with the snacks, cheesy entertainment, booths and highly dubious games. (Paintball-shooting invading zombies is something of a thrill in itself.) Worth the cost of admission and certainly worth the drive to Anderson.


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