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Haunted House: Vampire Vacation


The Children's Museum does it up big and scary every year!
  • The Children's Museum does it up big and scary every year!

4.5 stars

Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Through Oct. 31

The Children's Museum's yearly haunted house never disappoints, and this year is no exception. This time around the theme is "Vampire Vacation," running all the scares through a cross-country filter that leads to things like "Scarywood" and "Count Rushmore." This year's haunt is bigger than ever, and it's probably the most creative the Museum's event has ever been; they pull out all the stops to put in some remarkable detail and make the whole thing worth your time and money.

The most useful part of the museum is that it's a reliable, predictable piece of all-ages entertainment; you can be reasonably sure that it'll be family-friendly for your little haunt lovers. The scares come in lights-out and lights-on options - and just a warning, if your kid is at all afraid of the dark, it's ten times scarier with this stuff, so strongly consider the lights-on option. (Another benefit of the lights-on days is that it gives you a chance to admire some of the remarkable attention to detail on the critters and the creepie-crawlies.) On the upside, I've rarely seen a kid come out of there who wasn't happy, even a screamer who will then proudly proclaim how they were never scared at all, even as they gobble down popcorn at the highly conveniently placed snack bar on the way out.


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