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Heartbeat: An introduction


Barfly Art and Music Show

You may have already read a few posts under the 'Heartbeat' moniker. Allow me to officially introduce myself; I'm the NUVO Music Editor and, as of today, daily music blogger. I'll bring you the best and newest things to do in Indianapolis, interesting music news, short album reviews, photos, video and much more. In a few weeks, I'll make my way down to South by Southwest, and blogging about the Indy bands and showcases from there.

I'm unabashedly excited to live in Indianapolis and to have a position to writing about music. I'd love to hear from you at or on Twitter at @tremendouskat.

Tonight, I'll be checking out our own comic dude Wayne Bertsch at his Barfly Art and Music show. Wayne's been documenting the Indy scene since 2003 in his Barfly comics. Tonight, he'll celebrate with Jenn Cristy (in a special solo show), Mojo Gumbo and the Innocent Boys. You can also buy tons of old Barfly comics. Were you in a hardcore back in 2007? Wayne may have drawn you. Even if you've never touched a guitar pick in your life, this isn't an event to miss. You can literally travel back through Indy's musical history with Wayne Bertsch's Barfly.

See you guys tonight (and back here, every day).


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