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Heartbeat: Guest blogging SXSW


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Hotfox - 'You, Me, and the Monster'
  • Hotfox - 'You, Me, and the Monster'

Insert a sweeping hand gesture here and lower my voice at least a few octaves. I'd like to officially welcome you to festival season. I'll be jetting off (down?) to SXSW in a matter of days, but before then, NUVO will be set up with a brand new guest blogger. Duncan Kissinger from Hotfox (an Indy fave that wormed their way into the hearts of voters everywhere during a grassroots campaign to claim a spot in a Jansport showcase) will be blogging the SXSW experience in this very spot. From backstage glamour to off stage shenanigans, you'll hear it all. I'll be stomping around showcases too, and am currently evaluating shoe choices and camera battery life. You can follow me on Twitter at @tremendouskat, where I'll capture the agony and the ecstasy of my first time at SXSW.


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